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Vietnamese cuisine is recognized worldwide and is praised by many people, especially street food. Popular street foods make up a very important part of Vietnamese cuisine. From pho, vermicelli, bread, pancakes to egg coffee... Coming to Vietnam, visitors can easily encounter traditional and pure Vietnamese dishes without having to spend a lot of time searching or having to step foot in luxury restaurants.
Street food in Vietnam is not simply a list of traditional Vietnamese dishes sold on the street, it also represents a part of the beauty of the culture, lifestyle, feelings and thoughts of the people. Vietnamese people. Moreover, it is a combination of traditional Vietnamese culture and cultures of other countries.
Vietnamese cuisine focuses on the harmony of ingredients to bring a fresh taste, keep the natural flavor and good for health. In each dish, visitors will find sour, spicy, salty and sweet flavors very attractive. This is the reason that Vietnamese street food makes a strong impression on many tourists.
In addition, there will not be any other country where you can find that in any origin there is a specialty like Vietnam. From the South to the North, each province has specialties for visitors to enjoy such as crab cakes in Hai Phong; Broken rice, La Vong grilled fish, Bun Thang,... in Hanoi; Bun Bo Hue ; Coconut candy (Cocoa Glue) in Soc Trang,...
Most of the street food in Vietnam is rated by tourists as having an unforgettable delicious taste. Each dish features a perfect recipe that has been refined over generations before reaching perfection. Besides, the taste of dishes between regions of Vietnam may have some differences such as the street food of the South and the South Central is sweeter than other regions while the North and the North Central are salty and rich. than. However, all will make a great impression on visitors from the first time.

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